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Make & Hold Policy


This system is simple and has worked great for many of our customers.  

Upon receipt of a valid purchase order, we bring in the necessary inventory and manufacture the items ordered. Once this has been done for the first time, we will hold the order in our inventory ready for immediate delivery when requested.  After the initial "Make and Hold" order released, you would give us another order at that time for a replacement of the release. 

Our only request is the order be taken within six months of the purchase order date, which is very seldom a problem for our "Make and Hold" customers.  If the order is not released within six months, we will charge 1% per month as an inventory carrying charge until twelve months when we will automatically ship and bill the total amount due, unless prior arrangements have been made.

This system basically allows you to store product without the cost of inventorying it at your location.  Filter Belts, Inc. can do this for you and save a possible six to eight week delivery (or longer) after the initial make and hold order.  



Filter Belts

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