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Leaf Testing

Leaf test results are relative to each other and will indicate trends expected on a machine.  The filter medium, in a sense, is not the true filter.  The cake that collects actually does the filtering.  So, the goal is to select a media that best promotes cake formation.  The drum face and body also play an important role in allowing the cake to collect quickly, and drain thoroughly and evenly.  Dryness of the cake is effected more so by the drum face and body; the sooner the drum face evacuates the filter and the more open the face, the dryer the cake.


Leaf  testing duplicates, as nearly as possible, the filtration cycle of a full-size vacuum filter in its vat. 

Test Calculations Give:

* A very close approximation of drainage rate for a specific product. This drainage rate is used to  determine the filter media  

* Clarity of filtrate and expected flows.

* The approximate cloudy-clear split for a filter with a two port valve.

* Other pertinent data helpful in the recommendation of a specific filtration fabric.


Contact us today to set up an appointment and schedule a leaf test at your facility.  We'll bring along the appropriate fabric samples & different sector faces for testing in your specific application.  Upon completion of our testing and compilation of our test data, we will provide you with a Report of Findings detailing our recommendations to help optimize your filtration process.


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