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Horizontal Belt Filters 


Replacement Parts for Horizontal Belt Filters

 Take-up Rollers 
Drip Pans
Spiral Discharge Roll
Scraper Blades
Tail Pulleys
Vacuum Pan
Lip Supports
Molded Rubber Belts
Chain Drive
Transmission Belt
Support Rollers
Turcon Wear Strips
Take-up Assembly
Belt Repair
Wash Box / Feed Box Seals
Aligning Rollers
Head Pulleys
Wash Boxes
Deckles & Seals
Drainage Belts
Cloth Roller Guides
Edge Tracking Guides
General Assembly
Final Assembly
Support Deck
Bearing Housing
Seal Roller
Truck Shipment
New Frame 
Replacement Filter Belts


Filter Belts

has been custom manufacturing belts, sectors and
offering replacement parts for over twenty-four years.
Quality, service, consistency & courtesy are our trademarks.

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